Wednesday, 19 September 2007

An evening with Socktopus...........

Yes I did make it to the Socktopus Launch Party on Friday night, although I very nearly didn't. After a quick leg wax it was home, pack the knitting bag, grab money, grab phone, get out the door. And then go back in the door again when I realised I had left the invite and directions on the table.

It was a brilliant evening, so good to mix with and meet other knitters, some from Ravelry and some not. There were even men there and I really did see one hold a skein of yarn like he actually knew what it was for. (Maybe that was the liquid refreshment making me think that.) It was good to put some names and faces together with Raverly guys. Thank you to those of you who have now kindly added me to your list of friends.

Gabrielle this is for you 'an evening with FL&RD', sorry it just had to be blogged somewhere so I thought I would do it.

Despite my initial panic for trains and tubes and not really knowing where I was going I actually managed to arrive five minutes early. A little while later Alice arrived with all the lucious yarn and her pug dog who was very entertaining all evening. I have to say as well as lovely yarn there were also some very delicious nibbles, especially those little chocolate things. They were like a mini chocolate pudding, but bite size covered in chocolate and oozing chocolate out of the centre.

I came away with an armful of yarn after having a great hand and arm massage. I ended up shopping twice, although I do have one regret, there was a skein I put back and when I went to pick it up again it had gone. I have since looked at the launch party photos on Alice's blog and have located the knitter that 'stole my stash' the evidence is clearly in her arm!!!!!!!!

Gabrielle, knowing me all too well saved me from making the same mistake twice and thrust a skein of pink Smoochy onto me while I stood waiting to pay as she said she didn't want to put up with me on the train home whining and whinging about how I should have bought it etc....

Pictures of purchases to be added as soon as I have charged up the camera.


Conain le BĂ©nain said...

Oh!Surprise! A Yogic Blog. Tellement sympathique! Thank you!

Missmalice said...

Hilarious!! I had heard talk about strategies for getting and keeping yarn - but to have the photographic proof pinpointed! lol my it was great to meet you all and looking forward to the next time!