Monday, 24 September 2007

The knitting scout ( I was a girl guide myself)....

OK so I am probably behind everyone else in getting my badges but I felt I was able to award myself the following badges.....

This is the talking about knitting badge.

The “Proselytize Knitting” Badge - A requirement for all Knitting Scouts, the recipient must do his or her bit to present knitting in a positive light, whilst at the same time avoiding all references to “hipness”, grandmothers, and yoga.

Whoops maybe I can't have this one as my whole blog is Yogic Knitter!

I do however talk about knitting constantly. It frequently comes up in my maths lessons in school. I am certainly very postive about it and I'm constantly offering to share my skills with others - whether they want me to or not (umm must think about that one).

Actually I really did get my knitters badge when I was a Girl Guide back in the 1980's. I still have it carefully sewn on my camp blanket.

I put a claim on this one too. The “MacGyver” Badge (Level One) - The recipient must demonstrate clever use of a non-knitting tool in a knitting-related scenario. For instance, recipient has used paper clips as stitch markers, or successfully whittled and then utilized bamboo skewers as dpns. I have had to do this many times as I never seem to have everything that I want. I have used chopsticks for knitting needles and various items as cable needle substitutes.

I will have to start working on MacGyver Level Two next -

The “MacGyver” Badge (Level Two) - The recipient must demonstrate clever use of a knitting tool in a non-knitting-related scenario. For instance, recipient has used a strand of Regia Bamboo to slice cheese, or repaired a small appliance with a metal knitting needle.

I am sure I have used crochet hooks in strange ways. I am taking up Robynns challenge to get to MacGyver Level Three.

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