Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Going to have to frog it................

OK so it started off as a lovely skein of Handmaiden Sea cell and Silk in the most divine colours ever. It was going to be a mobieus scarf based on a Cat Bohordi design, it took ages to cast on. And ages to knit a round. Just look at those lovely colours. I was knitting every round with anticipation. Looking forward to jazzing up my winter wardrobe. Having something luxurious to wear. The yarn seemed to be going on for ages and was fantastic to knit with, and then finally I finished it.

So here it is. Unfortunately it is far too long and not what I was hoping for at all. I know I could wrap it around several times but that really defeats the object of having used a mobieus cast on. It also isn't as wide as I wanted. So the only alteranative seems to be to frog the yarn and start all over again with half the number of stitches.

I will let you know when version two is finished. I need to get hold of Robynn first to show me the mobieus cast on again. I have to say I am not looking forward to doing the first round in which I convinced myself what I was doing had to be totally wrong. Luckily I decided to do the whole round and unpick then if it was wrong but at that point it all fell into place.
I did enjoy using the addi turbo circular needles though, they were a real pleasure to knit with.

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