Monday, 29 October 2007

What do you do on Jury Service.............................?

Well what do you do with all that time sitting around on your backside while you are on Jury service then? Knit a sock of course!
Brittany wooden needles so they can go through the security scanner without any problems and knitting in the round so you can stop quite quickly if you are summoned to go down to court.


Here is the original yarn.........

Lovely cashmere sock yarn from Hipknits. This was a sale lot and is a little on the musty side and I had a few breakages today but still a bargain.

As it was my first day I had to leave early this morning and catch a train at 7.20am but managed to find a seat and start knitting straight away. When I arrived at Waterloo I decided that what I actually needed was a lovely stroll along the side of the river so instead of catching a bus I decided to walk, which in retrospect was a good decision as I spent the rest of the day cooped up in the Jury waiting room. I am officially a Juror in waiting. I feel very experienced in waiting now. I have done 7 hours of just waiting today. I did get out for an hour at lunch. Just enough to grab a coffee and walk to the river and back.
I wish I could post pictures of my lovely walk and the view I had across the millennium bridge, however I am not allowed to take a camera into this well known and prestigious court so it had to stay at home. Maybe I will get a few snaps on my phone to upload.
This evening I did the return walk across the millennium walk way and towards the Tate modern. I suppose if you have to do a commute for two weeks this is a reasonable one.
Also an hours walking every day has to be good for me doesn't it. Being based in town and travelling to Waterloo also has one other major advantage. It is one stop away from Vauxhall and Iknit - now officially in Timeout in the top 1000 things to do in London. Well done Craig and Gerard. Right I am off to check my train times for tomorrow now.

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