Monday, 22 October 2007

What shall we do with Rowan Chunky Print?

Well it seemed like such a bargain when I saw a pack of 10 balls of Rowan Chunky Print on the The Black Sheep stand at Ally Pally last year - less than half price and vaguely pink it had to be a bargain -didn't it?
Little did I know at the time it was going to take me a year to find a pattern that I really liked and was worth knitting.

This was the first pattern that I found, in fact the only pattern I could find in a Rowan book to use with the yarn I had just bought. I bought myself some lovely Brittany needles in 12mm and 10mm needles and was ready to cast on. I managed about 10 rows and mastered the wrapping around but decided this just wasn't an item I was going to wear. The project was then shelved for about 6 months.

Then while searching on I came across this purely by accident and decided that this could be a very good use for my yarn.
DSC00744 DSC00745
I still haven't decided whether I will knit this and I still have 6 balls left if I do go ahead which is enough but on Saturday while visiting Iknit London I found this in the new edition of Yarn Forward Magazine (Autumn 2007 - issue 3).



It was perfect so I got casting on straight away. I do wonder if the designer also picked up a pack of this yarn at Ally Pally too and also couldn't find a pattern so went ahead and designed her own. What ever the reason I am eternally grateful. I have been knitting this today while in the queque at Chessington World of Adventures. I have almost finished. It really is a very quick knit and only takes 4 balls.

I now want to see if I can also knit up a child's version in 2 balls.


Tonje said...

Oh what a lovely yarn... and I think you settled on the right thing to knit with it. It's gorgeous!

Mel said...

Thank you. It was a long time deciding what not to knit and then made the snap decision on Saturday, started on Sunday, finished on Monday!

ClaireEJ said...

Love the shrug from Yarn Fwd...perfect use for the yarn!