Monday, 29 October 2007

I want to knit these gloves........................

Aren't they just lovely and I think that this yarn will do just perfectly. I haven't knitted gloves before so this is going to be a new challenge. I am one step closer by knitting the tabi socks which have the separate toe. I guess gloves are just like doing five separate toes just a bit thinner and a bit longer? I also want to find some lovely beads to go down the sides too. Will have to get the lovely Gabrielle to guide me to the bead shop when she is back from her visit across the pond.




This is my Smooshy - Dream in colour yarn that I bought at the Socktopus Launch party in September. It is so smooshy! These will be perfect with the bright new pink coat I have bought myself.
Does anyone have any good tips for knitting gloves?
It really is time I invested in a skein winder.

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