Thursday, 25 October 2007

Knitters are such lovely people..................

Why are knitters such lovely people? I will tell you why. Yesterday I went to the post office to collect a parcel that had arrived for me the day before and this is what was in it.


I was so excited. It was sent to me by a very kind knitter who saw a post that I made on Ravelry about having this book on my wish list. She had already read it and offered to send it to me, but not only did she send me the book but a lovely note and a bar of chocolate. Apparently you need a nice cup of tea and some chocolate to really enjoy it. I am looking forward to setting away some me time to do this very, very soon. This was so kind as I have never met this lady before, although I am hoping to at the Stitch and Bitch London event on 10th November, tickets from Iknit London.

It was timed very well and put me into a positive mood for going into school during the half term. I was able to get quite a bit of display work done and was pleased with my finished efforts which I have chosen to share.

DSC00751 DSC00752


Gabrielle said...

Oooo, please can I read that after you?! I can lend you, 'Divas Don't Knit' in a week's time or so as I have bought that as 'in-flight reading'!

Mel said...

Of course you can. Diva's don't knit is also on my amazon wish list at the moment so that would be great. Hope to see you before you fly off.

Felix said...

Your cold and hot colour pictures are gorgeous!
And yes, knitters are invariably lovely people.
I will ammend my post about the knit a tit day and credit you for the fine buns!
Good to see you again