Friday, 19 October 2007

My toeless socks....................................

So this is how it goes......

They started off as two skeins or luxury Evolution from Chameleon Colourworks in Flamingo Sunrise (bought at the Socktopus Launch party).
Don't they just look so lucuious you want to eat them. So lovely in fact I wanted to deviate from my standard pattern so went and looked in my Not just more socks book to see what caught my eye.

Next I wound up into balls and cast on. I then bought this lovely Go pouch for knitting on the move to carry my latest project around Ally Pally with me at the show. I have to say I was really pleased with the way the rib was turning out. Just like the one in the book. What do you think?

Ok the legs here are hairyer than mine but I think that the colour works really well. I also love my new little stitch markers care of Alice who packages everything up from Socktopus so carefully and thoughtfully. Everytime I open a package it is like having an early birthday. So progress is looking good. What I hadn't considered in my pattern selection was the extra yarn required by such a long rib and loose leg (80sts) the consequences being pictured below.

Yes I finished the skein and I am 3cm plus toes shaping short of completing my socks and as you can see from the toes themselves they do need covering up. I am currently chasing up an extra skein and thanks to the kind knitters on Ravelry and with the help of Alice from Socktopus I may well achieve this. However I have also had some good advice from other knitters such as using a contrast for the toe or learning a toe up method for sock knitting so that I could contrast the cuff. I do really hope that I manage to sort out the problem with an extra skein of the same colourway though as they were a special treat and the first yarn that I picked up at the launch party and never considered even for one second to put down. So toes crossed for extra yarn to be sourced.

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