Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Ally Pally and all that stash..................installment one!

Ok so I am far behind everyone else posting and blogging about their Ally Pally purchases but I have been busy knititing some of mine. I had a really great day with Gabrielle and this time we had a plan of attack. Gabrielle had managed to aquire a copy of the floor plan in advance so the tube journey was spent with two coloured highlighter pens to mark important stands to visit.

Our first ports of call were to be Socktopus and Purlescence to see the lovely Alice and then the lovely Robynn and helper Armin.

Here is Alice on the Thursday with helper Emma from London SnB and Gabrielle. I bought one of those Go pouches that are on the wall. I nearly bought one last year and then didn't and regretted it ever since.
Here is the lovely Socktopus stand with all the lucious yarn. It's those lovely sock blockers on the wall that I want. Maybe with little yarn and needle cut outs although Alice's pug ones are great. I bought some lovely red Handmaiden yarn with cashmere.

Here is the lovely Robynn of Purlescence on her stand too! Look at those fabulous Off hand design bags in the background. They are just fantastic. I must have already purchased every style of needle case that they do, straights, circulars and DPNs all in a lovely speckled tweed. I am looking into the Lantern Moon Crochet Case next - really beautiful and with a lovely weight to it. This is seriously going on my Christmas and Birthday list. I just love the delicate black and white beading. You can by one yourself here.

Gabrielle and I had a really fab day with some other really good purchases. I will post those tomorrow as I have been having a really hard time uploading photos and twice when I actually got them to load I ended up promptly deleting them. I think it is time to quit while I'm ahead at the moment. I did buy some gorgeous yarns though.
oh and did I mention at all that we ended the day with a glass of champagne in the champagne bar in the good company of some of the London Stitch and Bitch crew, very nice to meet y'all again. Loved the posters and so wish you had them available for sale! I particularly like Knitty Woman! Well done girls.

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