Saturday, 19 January 2008

Happy Knitty Birthday........................................

Yesterday was my birthday and it had a bit of a knitty theme. I recieved the outstanding items from my Knitpicks collection. I was unable to pre-order the individual harmony interchangeables before christmas so now I have 9.00mm, 10.00mm and 12.00mm ends aswell. Purchased last weekend on the visit to Get Knitted. I also had the pack of DPN sock needles along with some of the 40cm circulars as the interchangeables shortest total length is 60cm. How many more knitting needles could a knitter want? (Well only to update her straights into lovely Lantern moon Ebonys of course!That will have to be done on a project by project basis though, oh and whenever Robynn has a sale!)Those who know me well understand how I have to have things matching and the complete set.
I am also now the proud owner of a Ball winder, still got to get the swift to go with it. This is becoming far more urgent since I have aquired several more skeins to wind since both Christmas and Birthday (no complaints on that front at all).I am also very set on getting an Umbrella swift which means import from the US.

So here are a few of the lovely pressies that I was lucky enough to receive this year.
More lovely Knitpicks - of the sock needle variety.
From my sister - Fleece Artist Sea Vines Vest in Beet. You can order these kits from Robynn at Purlescence now.

This skein was from Carl. The secret skein that I didn't know which colour and yarn type I was getting (out of the three I brought up on screen and left him to choose one - well a little direction is needed when purchasing beautiful yarn).

He also bought me lovely flowers too, not knitty but too lovely not to include.

And then of course was the home pedicure set....................
I guess a little background is required to understand the full story behind this lovely gift and its presentation. Ever since I have been blogging I have been jealous of the way that ORK (Gabrielle) posts her photographs in such creative ways on her blog. I had a chat and she gave me a little instruction on how to use my camera more effectively - that is showing me the Macro button. So since then I have been trying hard with varying levels of sucess or not (your opinions may differ from mine). Anyway fairly recently I knitted a little set of Yoga sockettes (see the post of January 1st - Yogi feet). I was to be congratulated by ORK on the lovely clear, close up shots I had taken of this new knitted garment. However there was a but, a rather large but with OMG look at those toes. They so, so need a pedicure! I was told at that point that with an impending birthhday if the present hadn't already been bought that a pedicure gift would be purchased. I breathed a sigh of relief and trundled off home to perform a virtual pedicure via Flickr.
So on Thursday evening after my whinging the previous Saturday about not really having any suprises to open G pops around to the house on her way home with a beautifully wrapped package. Now I have to say at this point with her being a friend and fellow knitter I was of course expecting a soft and yarny package. In my hand was a small, hard, box shaped item with a label reading........
Ok, good start so far followed by...........
Ahh! I now had my suspicions. I said thank you and it didn't take long for my mind to start guessing. A home pedicure kit it must be. I waved goodbye to G and carefully put my present on the side to open up in the morning.
The next day came and I opened up gifts from the family, mostly ones I already knew in advance because apparently I am difficult to buy for! What me! There are only two things they need to know to buy for me;
1) quality yarn
2) Pink
Now to be fair pink is not always needed as you can see from above the Camelspin is just lovley and not a hint of pink in that case.
So then one of the children passed my the beautifully wrapped gift from G containing the pedicure kit........................
Or was it?
Beautiful yarn and pink, thank you so much even if you did have great fun winding me up. I had a great birthday with fabulous presents. Did I mention I have now got a ballwinder?


Probably Jane said...

Wow! So much gorgeous stuff - and your close ups are pin sharp - I may need your advice myself!

yogicknitter said...

They are certainly getting better. I have to take a lot to get a couple of reasonable ones. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Gabrielle said...


- Pink yarn from Vancouver for socks;

- Pink sox sticks that you have been going oooooooooonnnn about wanting for months to knit them with, from our favourite needle (and now yarn) selling friend; and oh

- a little mirror for your toes to admire themselves close up (but only once they are covered up by the new socks on your feet)!

I'll let you know when I am next going for a pedicure, so I can drag you out with me, think Spring/Summer toes Mel - Spring/Summer sandal toes.