Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year Knitalutions....................

First of all a Happy New Year to everyone and anyone who stumbles across my blog. I have had a lovely christmas and New Year. I have made quite a few new year knitalutions some of which are a bit of a carryover from the last couple of years.
First of all a round up of last years knitalutions - there was just the one 'to learn to crochet' (you may see a recurrance of this theme). Ok so I wasn't totally sucessful but I did make a start. I managed under the guidance of Robynn (form Purlescence - great sale on her site at the moment, go grab a bargain)to crochet one granny square and a sample of geko rigde. I know what a double and a treble is now I just have problems putting them together. There is also the whole thing of the yarn in the other hand which I still haven't grasped. I need some gloves to wear, one marked yarn and one marked hook (just like you have when teaching children to learn their left from their right). Anyway I intend to persue this further in 2008. Other achievement in knitting in 2007 in no particular order were as follows:

1) to go to a meeting at Iknit London
2) to knit socks which are not plain, I managed a lace pattern and a fancy rib
3) to knit a sweater with cables in (to slow me down - gabrielles idea, to slow me down that is)
4) knitted the river stole from the Rowan magazine in Kidsilk Haze
5) ventured into the land of blog
6) signed up for Ravelry
7) going to the SnB day in London
8) knitting a prosthetic breast (breastcancer awareness)
9) having a go at dyeing my own yarn - with varied amount of sucess and steadily improving
10) I joined a sock club (Socktopus club 2007)
11) knitted 32 hats for the Big Knit with innocent smoothies to support the work of Age Concern
12) I knitted 3 mobieus scarve things, again with the help and tuition of Robynn.
There are many more but I don't want to bore you all

So what to achieve in 2008.......
1) to learn to crochet and make the blanket in Rowan Magazine 41 - I have already made some progress with this in the fact that I have actually made a commitment and ordered the yarn yesterday. I also ordered a range of crochet hooks from Purlescence
2) to further experiment in dyeing yarn - I have ordered an acid dye kit from texere yarn at the same time as ordering my cotton for my throw.
3) to knit all my sock for the Socktopus 2007-08 sock club in the alloted time - looking forward to trying new techniques.
4) to get to Iknit at least once a month
5) to go to a Stitch and Bitch meeting - most likely to be achieved in a school holiday
6) to get more knitters down to Amida for our fortnightly knitting group
7) to blog at least twice a week and not always get hung up on having to have a photo
8) to reduce my stash ( yawn, boring - actually what I wanted to write here really was increase my stash so I have to get a loft conversion to turn into a sewing and knitting workshop - fat chance while the kids still live at home)
9) to find and visit the LYS (local yarn shop) for any new place that I visit. That is going to be a fun one and it is going to drive my family nuts.
10) to read the books for the Kniterati even if I can't make the meeting - umm that may be a hard one as reading time is always short in term time unless I make better use of Eric time (Everyone reading in class - me included).

I guess that sounds rather a lot but there is a whole year to try and achieve and I feel happy that they are take up things rather than give up things which to me always seems a really negative way to approach a new year. Why not change by learning something new. I could have gone for fitness goals but I do like a small chance at least in achieving them so they are out from the start.
So what has everyone out there got as their New Year Resolutions then?


yoigcknitter said...

Looking at the pictures in the post below a pedicure should be one of my resolutions for 2008!

heldasland said...

You have achieved so much, I crochet so I can help you put the stitches you've learnt to some use perhaps we will meet at a S&B ,perhaps you'll join the crochet meet up.Happy new year.

Yogicknitter said...

I would love to get to the crochet meet up some time this year. It will probably have to be in the school holidays as I have taken on some extra responsibilities from January (all on my 3 days a week) and will need to negotiate with DH for baby sitting duties. Certainly something to aim for though. Thank you for the invite.