Thursday, 3 January 2008

Sock(topus)Club Part One - Knitting started..........

I've started. Just as I promised myself, a little quiet and some time to myself to get started on these little lovelys. I am really pleased with how they are knitting up so far. The pattern isn't anywhere near as complicated as you initially think the only pull back I have had to do so far is when I knit instead of purled one round. I love the way the colours go together. Also my 'gold' yarn has quite a bit of green running through it which adds another dimension. I am hoping to get a little more done this evening. I plan to have turned the heel tonight.

The initial tentative cast on.



I love the way the little ladders run there way down the leg. I now need to find some time to listen to the book. I was able to hear the first five chapters last night on the train up to Iknit but I'm not sure how much I took.

The Karenina socks aren't all I have been knitting though I have also been working on my first pair of gloves, thats gloves with fingers and pretty, girly buttons. I set aside my skein of Dream in Colour Smooshy to knit these with a while ago and have been waiting for the holidays to have some time to master them. I also needed to do a little preparation and skill aquisition first. This consisted of first of all knititng the Tabi socks - practice for fingers. I then knitted the fingerless mittens where I learned how to increase a thumb gusset. So armed and ready I finally attempeted the gloves. I completed my first one last night on the train home from the Iknit meeting at the Royal Festival Hall. I pulled the thread through the five remaining stitches as the train pulled into the station.




I now need to find 8 delicate little pearl buttons for the cuffs. It is great to have gloves custom made so that they fit the fingers perfectly. I just have to finish the second one now. I have to say all the preparation that I did knitting the other patterns was certainly worth while.

I have also knitted my first hat / beret on circulars over the christmas season and have been spotted wearing it on more than once. Something to keep my ears warm. It was knitted in 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK. In fact I managed to get two hats out of three balls. I knitted the second a little tighter than the first. I also had to run a little shearing elastic around the rim of the first one as it was a little too loose. It has worked really well and made it quite robust.



picperfic said...

funny, your socks look just like mine! lol

I love the style of those beautiful gloves, the buttons are a pretty feature. Also, the beret looks so soft and squidgy, I am intching to knit a beret.

heldasland said...

Love the beret, also I'm so jealous that you have the wooden knitpicks. I have the metal and I'm iching to get my hands on them.

Tezzcan said...

The socks are looking wonderful!
and I really love the gloves.

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