Sunday, 21 September 2008

Confessions of Iknit Day purchases.................

I really didn't buy very much honest!











I can justify each one of these lovely purchases.
The needles were money left from my birthday back in January.
The Kraemer yarn has been on order for a couple of months.
The lovely little socktopus gadgets are going away to Father Christmas to reappear as if by magic on Christmas day in my stocking and the buttons are for my February Lady Sweater finished back in July and in desperate need of some closeur!
The Malabrigio was the only real induldence as I really don't need any more sock yarn but I just loved the colour and there was a lot of buzz about it when it arrived in Alice's shop. I have already decided that I am going to knit the Shurgatal Socks that Alice designed which are on the insideloop. So all perfectly justifiable as I said in the first place.

NOTE: The baggu was a free gift with purchase from Socktopus. I am not saying how much you had to spend to get one just in case I incriminate myself.

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Arianne said...

Haha. We gave away LOADS of if anyone does figure out how much you had to spend to get it let's just're in good company.

I'm covetous of your purchases. I'd have bought all those things myself. Luckily for my bank account (stupid credit crunch, stupid mortgage, stupid sick cat, stupid debt, stupid everything) I didn't get a chance to shop. I was working all day!