Wednesday, 11 June 2008

It must be Virral..........................................

And today I'm not just talking about the knitting although that was the original thought for this post when I looked at my current WIP's that have been cast on.
I have been suffering from the current sickness bug going around and have found myself next to useless over the past few days which eventually led to great intamacy with objects in the bathroom and sharing my stomach contents with the toilet.

Moving swiftly on to more pleasant things I have also been having a bad case of Startitis. I discovered this when reviewing my current WIPs on Ravelry and realising there were things on the needles that I haven't even confessed to yet. There had also been big gaps in yarn stash confessions too but that is maybe for another day.

So first of all the Virral knitting, in the last couple of weeks I have started two virral knits.

The first one being the Storm Water Shawl. I first fancied knitting this when I saw the kits that Robynn had in January and since seeing the beautiful outcome on the Storm Water Scarf that ORK has knitted it was the solution to my skein of Camelspin in Novascotia. I did have to buy a second skein to make it though but the colours are perfect. I am actually knitting with both balls at the same time as I bought them 5 months apart. This way I can keep the colour continuity.

I am loving the pattern and also the fact I had some stitch markers that my mum bought me back from Seattle a couple of years ago that just match these colours perfectly.

Here is the progress so far:




I'm actually using a free pattern which is called 'Enchanting Scarf' which is exactly the same stitch pattern and repeats as the storm water except I needed 97 stitches to make a shawl. (6 repeats of a 16 stitch pattern + 1 stitch to get the movement)

The other virral knit I have given into is Jaywalkers by Grumperina. Why has it taken me so long to get around to doing this? I have to say the confidence I have gained from the Socktopus sockclub has helped me. But why oh why didn't I do these earlier. They are so quick and easy and so effective. I have knitted these up in my skein of Casbah in Rainbow which is just the perfect colouring to get the full effect of the Jaywalker pattern. The colours are so rich and stunning.






I am past the heal and the decreases on the second sock so I just need to knit down the foot. I am hoping to get them finished today.

Also on the needles but not virral is a cardigan I started back before Easter in some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. It took me a while to find the right pattern as I want to adapt it a little and change the sleeves as I have some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk I want to use for those in a lacey pattern. I want to get all the main part knitted up so that I can concentrate on the changes that I want to make on the sleeves.


This is the Collinette pattern I am basing my cardigan on and then I will have lace sleeves from the transition point. That is the plan anyway.





Robynn said...

Oh, they both look fab! I *love* how the sock stripes are coming up - that seems to be one of those that look even better knitted up than in the skein. (It can be a bit hit-and-miss with very strongly coloured, contrasty yarns, but those colours are great.)

RooKnits said...

Those are amazing Jaywalkers...

Anonymous said...

"Viral Knitting" I love it!

Anonymous said...

Those Jaywalkers are FAB! I'm really tempted to buy the same yarn to make some. Who could not be happy when wearing socks like that?! Love them!

Jen said...

Fantastic. I might have to try the Jaywalkers, I'm thinking of doing the Monkey Socks first though

Young Wasabian said...

Those socks are gorgeous!!

erica downs said...

I especially love love the shawl mel!

yogicknitter said...

Thanks Erica, it's going to take a while only because I planned it as an ongoing project I could pick up and run with as I have lots of other projects on at the same time at the moment.