Friday, 13 June 2008

Recent naughty purchases and blame shifting........

.............and confessions of a knitaholic.
Umm where to start. Yes there have been a few knitting related purchases that I haven't owned up to recently and it's not just yarn.
Books - now I can blame Emma (quelle erqsome) for this purchase in its intirety.


Emma brought along her Vogue stitionaries to a recent meet up and I thought they were just fantastic. I ended up in Iknit on the way home and ended up buying the new Erica Knight Lace and Eyelet stitch book after much deliberation on the pros and cons of her series versus the Vogue ones. Cost came into it and miraculously I actually only left the shop with one book. Well as usual the whole thing of sets over took me on the way home and I couldn't help myself. I walked in the door fired up the computer and before I knew it the three other books in the set had found themselves launched into my amazon shopping basket along with......


Yep I'm fancying myself as a bit of a designer next. I am very pleased with them though and have already planned a design for my next pair of socks which I am going to knit in this.


Can you see those little tiny flickers that look like silver? Well they are? Antibacterial properties of something similar I believe. This yarn also comes in a red and a lovely lucious cream. Of course there was only one colour for me. Pink.

So there have also been other naughty purchases, yarn purchases and I can blame other people for those too.


Emma gets the blame for the above. I saw her beautiful Swallowtail shawl knitted in this and decided as I had been going Virral I would have to knit one too. She recommended the Fiddlesticks - of course I had to have two.


The next person I am going to lay the blame on for this is Justine. You know why! But I already have a plan for this yarn, more of those lady gloves with the buttons and then some socks with KMM cuff and toes. Good job smooshy goes soooooo far.


Who to blame for these? Well there are two candidates, probably Jane and Alice. The main culprit being the Karenina socks from part I of the Socktopus sock club which has had me for the very first time in my life attracted to a skein of yellow yarn. (Side effect of virral!)

I also bought one of these and this is down to Robynn the temptress offering 10% discounts for her cheerleaders. It is a beautiful, hand turned, oak nostepinne. Well I can hardly take my ballwinder and swift on holiday so if I make any significant purchases while I am away I can still make lovely little yarn cakes.



Arianne said...

I heard that the Harmony guides had an astounding volume of I incorrect?

I've not bought them for this reason so maybe somebody who actually has them can set me straight?

Probably Jane said...

One day, yellow yarn will take over the world...