Thursday, 19 June 2008

Odd toe sock...............................

OK so a while back I was knitting up some of my oddments and decided to knit another pair of Karenina socks designed by Jane Lithgow. I wanted to prove to myself that I hadn't had to have the yarn coming up through the centre of the sock to knit the pattern. I had some Smooshy from my gloves and a ball of RYC cashsoft that would do the trick. These colours somewhat remind me of Candy floss and icecream.

They have been on hold for a while as I have hit my usual problem. I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn to finish both feet. So in my wisdom I thought I should do a contrasting toe. I was also trying to use up leftovers and stumbled upon some Seawool from the SeaVines vest.


As hard as I tried it just didn't work for me.

At the weekend I saw a lovely pink artesano 4ply alpaca ball of wool for a cool £3.50 and it was up to the till and paid for quicker than you could say Frog that socks toe. So I knitted up sock two at Chessington World of Adventures on Sunday adding the contrasting toe just to make sure it worked.


I have to say I was rather pleased, however it left me with these.


Was I going to be brave enough to unpick the red toe. I have to say the thought of them not matching even if no-one else would ever see the toe was too much for me because I would know.

So I have unpicked and reknitted toe one to match toe two. A match made in yarn. All's well that ends well.


Ling said...

The pink toe looks soooo much better. Love your socks!

Probably Jane said...

Wow - they're beautiful - lovely to see the pattern in a different colour and so glad that you enjoyed knitting them.