Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Yes it's that time of the year again. This year I was involved in the Iknit Treasure Hunt. I had such a fantastic time. I was one strand of team 4ply.

As usual I had made the required brownies now needed for any knitting event.


They were quite good even if I do say so myself. Actually they couldn't have been too bad because they were all gone by the time our team returned to Knitty HQ.

The day consisted of galavanting around London for 4 hours solving various clues on a knitty theme as we went along. There were a few anagrams of which I was so proud when I was the one who came up with the answer - Electra House.

There were also a good variety of knitty challenges along the way too to keep us interested and on our toes. We had to get several photographs of us knitting with various people and with various landmarks. We also had to knit as we were going along and this is where I certainly made my contribution towards the team effort. I knitted my backside off.

One of my favourite photo challenges was to get a picture knitting with one of our boys in blue - yes I did manage to find London's tallest policeman, and very nice he was too!

mel and policeman

I was also photographed with my very own team celebrities Miss Flip Knits. You can download their podcast here.

Mel and miss flip knits

We also had to pop into the Royal Festival Hall at one point to find clues and answer some questions and this gave us the opportunity to admire the fantastic Hyperbolic Crochet Reef. And if you aren't doing anything this Saturday That Iknit Guy (sorry G but couldn't resist) will be hosting the Crochet Social Jam there along with Amy Lame. Unfortunately I won't be able to go as I am off on a train to Brighton with the Socktopods.
I did take a few photos though and I think it is fantastic.


This one reminds me of something out of Fraggle rock!




The whole day was such a sucess and despite being pipped to the post on the longest scarf, we managed a mamouth 86", A tension seeker managed 90" by using drop stitches, very clever of them we had a fantastic time because WE WON! There was wine, chocolate, Yarnharlot books and tickets to the National Theatre. Wow.

I just want to say a great big thank you to both Gerard and Craig for all their hard work in setting up the whole thing I had a really fantastic day. (Despite the fact they seemed to think we could all get it done in a couple of hours! umm!) Really looking forward to see what you come up with next year.

Also a huge thank you to my other team mates, Justine, Sally and Dee who allowed me to join them and I am really looking forward to claiming our theatre ticket prize and going out very soon.

Oh and to team POP! We haven't forgotten!



Jon - Easyknitter said...

Hey Mel,

Just wanted to say well done on the Treasure Hunt... I'm sad I couldn't make it ( I was to be in the team with you and Justine and Sally ) I was SOO busy this weekend... I had a big order to fill of 50 hanks of EK Yarn... so I had to stick around to get that done... maybe next year I can join in.

You look thrilled to be stood next to the police man... teeehee! And the cakes look yummy... well done.


yogicknitter said...

It was a shame you couldn't make it. You missed out on Brownies. I haven't forgotten that you offered to test knit up the mens cable socks so as soon as I have finished writing it up, post reports I will email it your way.

M x