Thursday, 20 December 2007

Back on line.................................

Oh what a nightmare. I have just spent the best part of a week without any email and very little internet. Hence no blogging updates. That and the fact I need to charge up the camera to take a few more pics to put on. Computer completely died, suffering from accute hard drive failure. Luckily we do a back up and we were only have way through the month but all email from 1st December has disappeared into Cyber Ether. A few important lessons have been learned.
1)Back up weekly not monthly
2)Back up Microsoft money separatley and not just the compressed version that windows does on its full back up
3)Do not believe windows when it tells you it has done an automatic back up - check, check and check again.
I am sure there are a few other lessons too!
Anyway, luckily we have some IT savvy in the house between us so we recovered most of what hadn't been backed up by getting onto the hard drive and using the DOS prompt - therefore most recent photos hadn't been lost. I now need to reinstall my flickr uploader so I can add pictures to here. I recieved my Socktopus Sock Club package yesterday so I will be posting photos etc tomorrow. I am really excited. If you want to see what everyone else in the group is up to you can by clicking here
No pictures on there until after the 25th December as some packages are for christmas . Some packages are not just for christmas but for new year and the rest of the year too - hurray for Alice.

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Yogicknitter said...

A slight delay in loading up the photos as I have realised that I now need to charge up the camera battery. Duh!