Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Headhuggers Hat.........................

Ok so I finally finished Jury Service and before I went home I thought I would pop into Iknit and have a little knit on their sofa. After finishing the lace sock and sewing in ends I had a little browse around and headed straight for the Rowan Cocoon. This has to be one of the softess yarns I have ever come across it really is lovely. Also the colours are very masculine so great for those male knits - not that they aren't great for womens patterns too but at last a luxury yarn for men.
I decided I was going to knit a mans hat in it. Now the Rowan magazine states two balls for a hat but Gerard assured me that the one he knitted from the mag only took 75rgms of the 100grm ball - but ever siding on caution after the sock incident I thought I would take two balls anyway. Either I will have enough yarn and be happy or I manage to make two hats and I am still happy.
I didn't actually like the hat in the Rowan magazine either for two reasons:
1) I didn't like how plain it was and I wanted to add a little texture to it and
2) It was a top down pattern - just can't be bothered.
So I went on a trawl of Ravelry to see who had knitted or stashed Cocoon and what they had either done or intended to do with it.
I rather liked the headhuggers pattern which had some texture through both rib and cable and was ultimately designed for a bulky yarn. See the link below.

Headhuggers Pattern

I had to do a little adapting as the pattern had been written for circulars and my 7mm were with a friend - not that I would have knitted on those anyway to tell the truth. I re-wrote out instructions for straights reversing stitches where necessary and knocking off a block of 11sts so that I cast on 77sts (the number the Rowan one finished with - top down remember so I must have been doing something right) and then I got started.



Anyway it didn't take much time to knit up at all, however next time I will avoid wearing black as I now have little bits all over my yoga pants. This now has to be whisked off and wrapped up for christmas.



I have to say I am very pleased with the end results - I just hope the recipient is as happy with their gift.

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