Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Two pairs of socks finished today............

Actually not quite as impressive as it first sounds. It should really read to pairs of socks finished off today. I finally got over second sock syndrome with the Lace socks and my yarn arrived to finish my toeless slouch socks.


Emma made an interesting comment to me the other day at Iknit which was how lovely the inside of the lace socks looked and how it showed the pattern in an interesting way, so on that advice Emma I will wear them with roll down tops. I have also taken a few extra pictures of the sole of the foot also on your advice.


There are also a few others of the lovely slouch socks in the Flamingo sunrise which I have waited so long to finish and I am so grateful to Diana who parted with her skeins and Alice of Socktopus who organised her replacements without either of these people my socks would have remained toeless.
First a reminder of that lovely Chameleon Colourworks - Flamingo Sunrise.
How scrummy is that yarn - you see why it was so important to finish.


And now the socks.......................
My only problem now is deciding which pair to wear first. It may have to be one of each! Scary thought!


missmalice said...

oooh they look wonderful!!!

Mel said...

Definately worth the wait to get the right yarn to finish them off.