Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Get your mitts in these..........

These are my quick knit from the weekend from my new yarn purchases on Thursday from Debonnaire. They are fab and really, really quick to do. I did these on 6mm DPNS but you could just as easily complete them on two circulars. I fell in love with the skein of yarn and then asked for a pattern I could knit to use it.
I am really happy with the result and was able to wear them out on Saturday evening. They were really warm which was a good job really as I had a stinking cold and sore throat and did not want to be at a fireworks display at all. At 3.30 in the afternoon I had set a deadline of 5.30 for the rain to stop or we were staying in for a curry and a DVD instead. As it was it was a very clear and dry evening and I was wrapped up well but so pleased to get home early to my nice warm bed.
I love this yarn and it is a pleasure to knit with. It can be a little thin in one or two places as the slub varies in thickness but this is why I like it so much as it adds to the texture.



Robynn said...

Wow! Those are really fab. I love slubby yarn, I love those colours, and I love that they were so quick 'n easy. Duly noted for future impulse stashing!

Mel said...

I'd rather have been sat knitting them at One Aldwych with you guys though rather than bundled up on the sofa at home.