Friday, 7 December 2007

Been yarn shopping again.............

OK so maybe I have got a problem. Maybe it's Yarn addiction. But like any addict I am just drawn to those situations that give me increased exposure.
So yesterday afternoon I popped on the train to Putney and then changed to a bus to get to Fulham to descend upon the 'Open House' being hosted in the name of Debonnaire (Erica Downs).
I first met Erica last year at the Colet Court christmas fayre where she had a stand of lovely lucious yarns, needles and knitting kits to name but a few items and where I humbly had a much smaller stall / table selling a few handknitted items, mostly ipod socks to pay for my yarn habbit.
Anyway I made a number of purchases yesterday (as if I don't already have enough in my stash). There were some lovely yarns in some really delicious colours. I actually bought some shades I wouldn't normally buy but some how they just called to me.
So here is the selection - some already with projects in mind and some just to admire the colours or texture until a suitable idea comes to mind.

This little lot should keep me busy for a while anyway. Potential projects so far include, scarves, fingerless mittens, a beret and a child's shrug. Can you match which yarn is for which project and which are for me and which are to give away?

I also have to say I am really looking forward to knitting with the Malabrigo as it is so soft, I would never normally pick up a colour like this but the black / very dark navy really appealed to me, especially the variation in the shade throughout the yarn.

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