Sunday, 30 December 2007

What do you buy a resistant sock knitter for christmas?

Sock yarn of course! I Decided it was time that I fully introduce her to the pleasure (I promise) of sock knitting. So what did I do? I hand dyed her some yarn in a colourway that I knew she would appreciate. I then produced my own label and then burnt her a CD with some free patterns searched out through ravelry and a free sock tutorial to help her on her way.



I have to say I was quite pleased with the end result and have kept the second skein for myself. Yes I know there are no sock needles in the kit but they are to follow. I have also discovered that the towel hanger that sits on the back of the door in the bathroom is great for drying the skeins of yarn on.
In case any of you are a little worried she also received a mobieus scarf in Handmaiden Seasilk. If you scroll down to some of my earlier posts you can see the finished article.

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picperfic said...

what a lovely present! clever and thoughtful!